About Us
The SilverRound.com Advantage

Numismatics Values and SilverRound.com is one of the most trusted and experienced names in precious metals. Our history dates back over fifty-five years and boasts hundreds of thousands of transactions. In addition to serving our valued individual investors across America, we are a major supplier of Gold and Silver bullion to leading dealers, manufacturers, and jewelers. Our reputation for quality transactions and exceptional customer service sets us apart from the rest.

We Move Markets

With over fifty-five years experience in precious metals, SilverRound.com understands the Gold and Silver markets and how to secure fair market prices reliably and consistently. Trading CME COMEX and FOREX daily, SilverRound.com provides the security and flexibility to trade with confidence that you will receive official market price at the time your trade is executed.

Unrivaled Availability

SilverRound.com sources direct from the market without any middlemen or intermediaries that add in their margins or trading fees. You will have access to our catalog of in-demand coin and bar products and same-day shipping through USPS, UPS, and FedEx. With vaults across the country, we deliver each order to you in the fastest and most secure manner possible.